Jack Waugh

Research Interest

I'm interested in prototyping a computer programming language of a certain type.

  1. Current musing [2013-05-27 UTC]
  2. Introduction [2010-08-27]

Compensated Work


I am not currently available to be recruited.

I associate with the Center for Communitarian Technological Services ( CCTS ).

Other Links

You can reach me at "1m9v0t902" at "sneakemail" dot "moc", except reverse the spelling of that last term "moc"; write it as "com", of course. [2010-08-18]

Off the Rails!

This static web site is coded in Ruby (but without using the famous Ruby on Rails web framework). Thanks, MATSUMOTO Yukihiro , for the language and the interpreter!

Draft Standard for the Ruby Language

A posting on a Singapore Ruby group gives a draft standard for the Ruby language. Click the "show quoted text" link in there to see that the draft is being considered by the Information-technology Promotion Agency of Japan, with an aim to submit a version of it for consideration for an international standard.


Snow in North Bethesda, Maryland, US, 2010-01.